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The Gramophone is both a beautiful object/form and perfect for enhancing sound. The shape also directs sound. The size is perfect for a tabletop, or desk.

Sound projected through a horn creates a sound environment.
One can use the phone and have an intimate experience with sound while not overpowering the surrounding area. Imagine sitting at ones desk and wanting to listen to some music, while someone else within earshot is not disturbed.


The Gramophone is plugged in and unplugged at the same time. Plugged into technology with the iPhone. With a nod to the past and the beauty of pure form and visible function as in the Victrola. A perfect marriage of craft and technology. I hope you enjoy yours.


Lawrence LaBianca



Ships in 2-3 weeks


Return Policy

Within one week of receiving the horn if you are not satisfied, just send back the horn in the original packaging for a refund.




Color Options

Dark walnut (DW)/Birch (B)


10.25" x 12" x 10.25"


iPhones 3-5


Stained plywood, brass screws and leather cord


No external power input necessary